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“We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect union”. Timeless words written by visionaries who felt the necessity of creating a nation free of governmental interference and oppression. Those words are the foundation of a nation that would unfortunately always be imperfect, but would certainly be, “The Most Perfect Union”. No nation has, or ever will have the positive effect of spreading and maintaining freedom and furthering the human condition. Even though our founding fathers did indeed create the most perfect union. We are now faced with liberal policies that are a cancer eating away at the very foundation of this great land – the United States Constitution. This web site is dedicated to the greatness of this country and to the Constitution that made it so. We will expose the lies of the liberal propaganda machine using facts, not rhetoric, and we will not cower to the forces of political correctness, and will promote conservatism without apology.

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Mark Shoffit