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The “Fairness Doctrine” aka; The “Shut Your Mouth Doctrine”

With all of the power in D.C. now controlled by Democrats, they are talking about bringing back the Fairness Doctrine in one form or another. Liberals say they want to bring it back in the spirit of fairness, but they really want use it to silence conservative talk radio. Liberals have controlled the main stream media for decades, and also control colleges and universities nation wide, and it irks them to no end that conservatives control talk radio. Liberals are tyrants by nature, and they, like past and current tyrants want to control all forms of media.

The Fairness Doctrine was originally introduced in 1949, and was discontinued in 1987. It required the holders of broadcast licenses to present controversial issues of public importance and to do so in a manner that was, in the FCC’s view, honest, equitable and balanced. Now, keep in mind that this was put in place in 1949, which was a time when about 96% of homes had radios, and only about 2% had televisions. This made radio, along with newspapers, a primary source of information for the general public. I can see, for general welfare considerations, that it was in the best interest of all, to ensure that radio stations not only served their own interests, but also served the interests of the public.

We, however, are in a different time, because virtually every home has at least one television, and radio is no longer the necessity it once was and has primarily become a source of entertainment. Newspaper readership is dropping off the the face of the earth, while Internet usage is soaring into the stratosphere. America has advanced leaps and bounds since 1949, and as a result there is absolutely no shortage of opposing views, or sources of those views.

The liberals primary argument for bringing back the Fairness Doctrine, is fairness—at least fairness as they see it. They say, “ooh, we just want fairness, don’t you?” After all, how can anybody be against fairness? This is just another example of “focusing on the wart”, where liberals want you to focus only on how conservatives control talk radio. They don’t want you to focus on the larger picture of how liberals control the main stream media and educational institutions. A quick look at this larger picture will show that there is a diverse range of opinion available, and a just as diverse range of sources.

Another argument being used by liberals is that the airways belong to the public, and are a limited resource. But, the airways don’t belong to the public any more than the highways belong to the public. When we apply the term “public” to something, such as roads, highways, libraries, parks or even airways, it doesn’t mean that the public owns it, and can dictate how it is to be used, and by whom. It means very simply that the general public has access to it as long as they follow the rules regarding its usage. The relationship the federal government has with radio broadcasting is no different than the relationship your local governments have with the highway and road system—they are both there to keep people from crashing into each other.

Liberals are dead set on shutting up conservatives, and will use any means that they can get away with to achieve it. They will try to bring back the Fairness Doctrine in that name, or in a different name designed to do the same thing. Liberals are not about fairness or free speech. Liberals are all about throwing pies at conservatives, or standing up and turning their backs on, or shouting down conservative speakers. Liberals are as bigoted and as intolerant as any person can be. This new attempt by them to shut up conservatives, bears that out.