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Don’t Focus On The Wart—Global Warming

Right now you are wondering what the heck is he talking about. Well, what I am talking about is the liberal tactic of “focusing on the wart”. This tactic is used by liberals to get you to focus in a narrow way on the smaller things that are ugly, sometimes very ugly, in order to get you to go along with their destructive, and freedom robbing policies.  In pushing global warming they want you to focus on isolated weather events such as regional droughts, flooding, hurricanes, and even wild fires. They blamed global warming for the drought in the Southeast United States, while also blaming it for the Mississippi River flooding that occurred during that drought.  Let’s sum up this proposition – global warming caused droughts in the Southeast, while at the same time causing flooding only a few hundred miles away – does that make sense – it doesn’t to me. Some even blamed global warming for the wildfires in California, even though some of those fires were intentionally set – I guess the global warming devil made them do it. This kind of stuff happens all the time, and what liberals are hoping for is a high level of ignorance and fear on the part of the American people in order to push this religion.

You probably didn’t know it, but Al Gore did become President, President of Climate Change Hysteria that is, and if there is a president, there must also be a vice-president, and that distinct honor goes to Mr. James Hansen, doctor that is,  the NASA climate scientist who was arrested along with an assortment of other liberal loons on June 23rd, 2009 in West Virginia while protesting a coal mining company. Now, President Gore has become a multi-millionaire peddling his global warming hysteria, and Vice-President Hansen is getting himself arrested in sixties style sit-ins. With one being deeply financially involved and the other being deeply emotionally involved, why should we be expected to believe anything they have to say about the subject. Hansen recently put out a bogus report that claimed that October 2009 was the hottest on record. This was in the face of all the anecdotal evidence that October was very cool worldwide. Well , it turns out that he recycled numbers from September, which of course made October very hot. It’s just a good thing that there are many global warming non-conformists who keep a very close eye on Vice-Presidents Hansen’s numbers.

Even Bill O’reilly, who is more liberal on this issue than he is conservative once made one of the stupidest comments I have ever heard anyone make on this issue. It was two or three years ago in the early winter and at that time there was very warm weather all across the country – people were in t-shirts in New York for instance. I have to paraphrase, but O’Reilly said that if you don’t believe in global warming, just look out your door – wow!, I didn’t know it was that simple – just look out my door. Well, about a week later I looked out my door and all I saw was snow and ice, and the same thing was occurring nation wide – winter had set in, and it was a miserable one. A very serious problem has developed for the environmental loons though. The weather seemed to be getting cooler, because for the last several years we have had very cold and wintry winters, and the other seasons have been very mild also, and we now know that there has been no warming since about 1998. Well, never fear, the alarmist are here. They merely changed the name from global warming to climate change – problem solved, and they could continue to blame humans.

Now let’s take our focus off the wart, and look at a larger picture, and also ask a few questions. Contrary to what the warming alarmists are saying, there is not a consensus on this subject, and to the extent that there was one, it is being dismantled as we speak – and it barely makes the public opinion polls as an issue of importance.  Next up, the computer models – the computers say this, the computers say that. Bottom line – computers are programmed by humans, hence they only know what they are told to know, and how to process information – besides, do you actually believe that scientists can with any degree of certainty forecast the climate 25 to a 100 years out – I certainly don’t.

You must also consider the history of the world, at least as we think we know it, in that there has been multiple ice ages and warming cycles as evidenced by ice cores and other means. We even know that history recorded by humans shows periods of little ice ages, and periods warmer than it is today. Keep in mind that these warmer periods occurred when people rode livestock, used candles for lighting, and wiped with leaves – there were no autos or power plants. Polar bears – the alarmists say the polar bear will be in jeopardy if the ice cap melts because they won’t be able to feed on the seals. Let’s just suppose that the Arctic ice cap completely melts – what do you think will happen to the polar bears. I could be wrong, but I think they would move inland to terra firma, and guess what else would move inland – the seals!!! – and then chomp chomp they would become bear cuisine.

Something else to consider that actually is very important is that the technology that we use today to monitor the climate did not exist years ago or in particular, decades ago, and this science is still evolving and therefore deeply questionable. The science may not be new in human terms, but it certainly is new in Earth terms. Scientists just do not have enough long term experience on it, and for anyone to say they can forecast with any degree of accuracy decades out, is either lying or naive – the variables are just too extensive. Finally – we can’t, in our pathetic brief existence on this earth, with the limited amount of experience we possess, determine what the ideal climate should be, much less do anything about it.