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Obama: The Witch Hunter Against the Free Market

The lawsuit being filed by the Obama administration against S&P for their ratings of colateralized debt obligations is a perfect example of a tyrannical administration looking for scapegoats, and looking to score political points. It is a sad situation that in a country like ours that the legal system is used in the same way as that of communist countries……. to victimize others for political gain.

Obama, like all tyrants will use whatever power he has at his disposal to destroy our freedoms in order to implement his vision of fairness. He doesn’t care about the results of his tyranny. He only cares that he believes it to be fair. Everything he talks about doing he always adds the word “fair” or some such word. He tries to sound so reasonable when he talks about stealing our freedoms, but closer analysis shows that Obama, like all tyrants is a smooth talker, but if you really listen to what he says, you will realize he is full of it, and full of himself.

His constant denegration of those he dislikes is an affront to the very system that created the greatest country on the planet – at least up to now, and until he gets done with it. This lawsuit is not an attempt to place blame for the housing meltdown, it is an attack on free market economics and our very freedoms.

The Real Question About Libya

Much ado is being made about Obama not calling the attack in Libya that killed our ambassador a terrorist attack. The  correct question to ask is why did he leave those persons over there to die. There should have been no dead or a hundred dead. Obama said in the debate that it offends him that there are accusation that he or members of his administration would lie about this tragedy.  All I will say is that the hit dog squeals.

The State Old State Old

President Obama’s state of the union speech was the same old same old we have heard from him since he first started running for president. Soaring rhetoric and the abundance use of metaphors sprinkled with emotionalism are used to cover up his unwillingness to really tackle the tough issues. His desire to remain as neutral as possible on all issues in order to deflect as much criticism from himself is in effect his way of voting present instead of taking a stand.

His constant use of the term “investments” is merely a stand-in for let’s spend, spend, spend, because as with all liberals, spending is what makes his world go around. It is completely irrelevent to President Obama whether or not such spending actually works, for all that matters to him is that his conscience achieve some level of satisfaction. I suppose no level of satisfaction is ever achieved, because all he wants to do is spend, spend, spend.

He has been referred to as a constitutional law professor which he actually never was. He was a part-time instructor who was more concerned with political office than teaching anything in college. If he knew anything about the Constitution he would know that there is no constitutional authority for ninety-percent of the spending he proposes, but, as with all liberals he doesn’t care about the constitution.

We have lab experiments in progress right now that show exactly what will happen when liberal policies are put in place. These lab experiments are California, New York, New Jersey, Illinois, and Michigan. This country will end up just like these states, in a state of bankruptcy if those in the federal government do not cut spending and return the federal government to its constitutional function.

Mr. Obama Should Lead By Example

President Obama recently said that at some point he believes individuals make enough money. We already knew he believes in spreading the wealth as evidenced by his comment to Joe the plumber. Fine, he can believe that if he likes, but I call on him to lead by example. He has made several million dollars off his books for doing nothing except sitting at a desk and writing them. I call on him to donate every penny he has made and will make on his books to a reputable and well known charity. Not some charity he or his pal Bill Ayers created. It has to be a charity that most Americans will be familiar with.

President Obama and his liberal pals are very generous individuals—very generous with other peoples money that is. However, if he will lead by example and donate all of the proceeds of his book sales to charity, he can then call on others who have made too much to do the same. This all would be done strictly on a voluntary basis, as it should be. Americans are a very generous people and don’t need omnipotent moral busy bodies such as President Obama and his ilk to make them generous. It is very easy when in a position of power to steal the personal property of others to give away. It, however is a whole different thing to be generous with your own property.

Franklin DelanObama Roosevelt

In times of economic crisis the President can do only one of the following two things. He can instill an atmosphere of calm reassurance and certainty, or one of fear and uncertainty. Obama can’t be blamed for the economic crisis he inherited, but he can be blamed for how the country languishes under his guidance, for he has chosen, with his many big government initiatives and his attack dog style politics to instill an atmosphere of fear and uncertainty.

We had a President many decades ago who did the very same thing—FDR, the liberal’s icon. FDR’s philosophy of attacking business, banks, the rich, and Wall Street, raising taxes and fees, creating numerous agencies for the purpose of controlling the everyday lives of Americans created an atmosphere of absolute fear of the Federal Government. Businesses and the citizens withdrew financially when faced with the great deal of uncertainty FDR created, and because of his policy of intimidation. FDR’s policies turned a depression into the Great Depression. It may have been a good sound bite when FDR said, “We have nothing to fear, but fear itself”, but he was patently wrong. There are many things to fear, and one is a intrusive and overbearing federal government.

Fast forward to today. Obama has attacked businesses, banks, Wall Street, and even American citizens, which if reports are correct, has resulted in death threats against these Americans. He is trying to enact health care and environmental legislation that will not only result in massively higher taxes, but will also result in the federal government micromanaging our daily lives. He is instilling fear and uncertainty, not to the degree that FDR did, but he is nonetheless creating an environment not conducive to rebuilding this economy.

The bottom line is that there is little that the President and by extension the federal government can do to cause economic growth. The President can pour barrels of money into the economy which will create temporary jobs, but the federal government isn’t the economy, and getting the economy going isn’t a matter of simple physics such as priming the pump. The economy is the American people—three hundred million individuals making billions of daily economic decisions, and the federal government can’t manage that. If President Obama wants the economy to improve, he needs to back off and stop scaring the hell out of everyone.

Is Obama Indecisive

Obama has been has lately been accused of dithering on his decision about how to go forward in Afghanistan. This is after his numerous previous comments that Afghanistan was the good war and that failure was not acceptable. He also stated earlier this year that he had a plan for Afghanistan, and tasked General McChrystal with determining the number of troops who will be needed to implement his plan. McChrystal came back with a recommendation and Obama has pondered ever since.

So, is Obama indecisive? I am of the opinion that the root problem is not indecisiveness, but he instead fears being disliked. How does a person avoid being disliked? It’s very simple, avoid controversial issues. Do you remember the talk about the 129 times he voted present as a Illinois state legislator. That by itself may not mean a lot, but there are others. During the campaign when the so-called financial melt-down occurred, and McCain suspended his campaign. Obama stayed on the trail and did everything he could to delay getting involved in the TARP discussion, by trying to put forth the notion that he could do two things at once—campaign and deal with the economy. He also refused to vote on the senate resolution condemning the “General Betray Us” ad sponsored by the left wing group McCain pointed this out in one of their debates, where McCain said Obama could have voted on it, but remained in the cloak room instead.

Now comes the revelation that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed will be tried in New York and that the decision was solely the decision of Attorney General Holder. Now if you believe Holder made that decision, you will believe anything. This again is another attempt by Obama to isolate himself from any criticism about his decision to hold KSM’s trial in New York, and to also, at least in his mind, reap him some approval from around the world.

We also have to constantly hear how he inherited all of the problems we now have, or how he is not losing sleep over the problems that ACORN is having because of their corrupt practices. Do you honestly believe that he couldn’t care less about ACORN. He is doing all he can to distance himself from this corrupt community organizing group because of his close ties to it.

Obama wants very much to be liked, scratch that, adored. Not just by the American people, but by people around the world, and if you want to be adored, what is the first rule of order—offend as few people as possible. This is done by avoiding controversial issues to the greatest extent possible, or appearing to be on both sides of the issues—which he does quite well.

Obama is a man torn by two universes, the left wing universe in which he resides and the universe that the rest of the country resides in. He is trying desperately to implement the Obama Doctrine of offend nobody, but he has found, however, that it is impossible to lead without offending, and that his pretty speeches will carry him only so far, before he will be dropped flat on his butt.

Is Obama A Fascist?

Nobody can know what is in Obama’s heart, but one element of fascism is the exaltation of nation in which the nation is to be placed ahead of your own self-interest in order to further the causes of leaders of the nation. Liberals, of which Obama is one, look at America in a collective sense. For instance when they talk about what we spend on health care, they mean what we spend as individuals plus what the different levels of government spend, and they use that conflation in order to stick their noses into our business.

Obama has repeated many times his desire for national service. He has said we need to spread the wealth, which is for the collective good. In his speech to America’s school children he said that if they didn’t do well in school that they would disappoint their country. The lesson plan that was originally disseminated for use after his speech to the children directed that they write letters to themselves describing how they could help Obama, and to note the three most important words Obama said. Instead of 9-11 being simply a day of remembrance for the terrible acts of that day, he has designated it a day of public service and remembrance.

One thing among many that Obama doesn’t understand is that individuals will act in their own self-interests first, and that is the way it should be. If each and every person in this country would think of themselves first and do what is necessary to keep from becoming a burden to others, this would be the ultimate service to country and the country would be much better off. Obama is very subtly exalting nation in order to push his leftist agenda. It has been said that you can say something racist and not be racist. In order to give Obama the benefit of the doubt, I would like to say that you can conduct yourself as a fascist and not be a fascist.

The Audacity of Audacity

Barack Obama certainly is an audacious one. When he discussed the loan to General Motors and how the Federal Government would become a partial owner in GM. He said that the he would not be involved in the day to day operations, but would only be involved with the most basic decisions. To me, basic decisions are those decisions on the low end of the scale which means he would be involved in any decision he wants. In numerous discussions where he promoted his budget busting proposals, he would also discuss how the Government needs to control spending. He has openly supported special treatment for union workers over non-union workers via the Stimulus Plan. Now he, the community organizer, is peeved that citizens are community organizing against his liberal agenda.

In my opinion, Obama enjoys so much hearing himself speak that he doesn’t bother to listen to what he is saying—this proclivity also applies to far too many of his supporters. He believes that merely with the power of his oratory, that he can say whatever he wants and it will be. To quote Obama in a 2008 meeting with Philly Jewish leaders he said, “I can give a pretty good speech, and I can connect and inspire the American people in ways that have become apparent.” Also to quote democrat strategist Bob Beckel on Fox News, “He (Obama) thinks just because he says it—it is.”