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Travis USSR County, Texas

I don’t know if Travis County, Texas has a flag or not, but either way they should consider creating one with a hammer and sickle with a red background. After all, that would be very appropriate for a county with officials who use the power of the legal system to punish political enemies. The two statutes, Texas Penal Code, Sect 39.02 and Sect 36.03 that Perry was indicted under clearly do not apply to his actions.

As in the Hutchinson and Delay cases, this case will end in another embarrassment for Travis County. Bailey was found not guilty after only minutes of deliberation, and Delay’s conviction was overturned by an appeals court that issued a judgement of acquittal. Liberals are very simply communists without the ability to murder their political enemies, so they do the next best thing….send’m to jail.

Will Obama Move To The Right?

The question of whether or not Obama will make a move to the right if republicans take one or both houses of congress I think has an obvious answer, and that would be an emphatic…..No! He has shown no propensity to compromise or any willingness to work with the opposition in any measure. He is an ideologue who sees his role as president to fundamentally change America. In other words, to change the basics of America.

He will try to sound as though he is moving toward the center and is willing to be more cooperative with republicans, but this will only be for show. Sort of like when the stimulus bill was being debated and most everybody was up in arms, he would come out and talk about how we must cut spending. It’s as though he thinks we are still in the 19th century when a politician could go to one town and say one thing and then go to a town twenty miles away and say the polar opposite. Somebody should tell him that we are in the 21st century, and every word he says is broadcast around the United States as he speaks. He can’t say and act in one way in even a state and go to another state and present himself in the opposite without everyone in the country knowing about.

I get the sense that this being president stuff for Obama is getting old real fast. I really don’t think he is as concerned about being re-elected as he is about changing the country to his liking. He is a worshiper of big government, and he will do all he can to force his religion upon us. We have the First Amendment that prevents congress from forcing religious views upon us, but unfortunately we have no such protections from government worshipers…..wouldn’t it be nice if we did. Republicans should put their names on their office doors with velcro, because they won’t be there long if they forget why they were given back some power if they do in fact get back some power.

Can Palin Be President

The immediate answer for me is yes. Many, mainly those in Washington believe that the talents and intellect required to be President exist only in a handful individuals in Washington and a few governors. As if those traits are foreign to most other citizens in this great land. The exact number can’t be known, but I bet there are tens of thousands of every day American citizens who could step into the Presidency and run the country as competently as any politician.

Not everyone possesses the ability to be president, but it certainly isn’t limited to those in the political class. It requires a respectable understanding of most issues, not all, but most. A thick skin to withstand the criticism, the ability to learn quickly because nobody knows everything, and the ability to make tough decisions without wavering and how to use advisers. However, the most important aspect of anyone who wants to be president, is ideology.

It is ideology that most determines the direction of the country no matter who is president, and we have basically three ideologies; conservative, liberal and a middle-of-the-road mixture. Most polls show this this country to be center-right in ideology, so presidents who operate in that area of the spectrum will be the most successful, and will age the least during their time in office.

From what I have seen of Palin, she does reside in this area of the political spectrum and by contrast the problems that Obama is having and his deep drop in the polls in all areas is the result of his ideology that places him in left field foul territory in a country that resides in center-right field. The disdain that the American people have toward Obama’s agenda is reflected in a recent poll showed that more people wish Bush were president—ain’t that something.