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Can Blacks Be Racist? They Can and They Are

The main problem with race relations is that guilty whites, racist blacks, and Racists of the Highest Order want to frame the argument that racism is a one way road. These racists want everyone else to believe that racism flows only from whites with the minority races being victimized by it. It is said by these clowns that only whites can be racist because of the white power structure and white privilege. As I stated in my post Can Blacks be Racists? They want to argue that the giant white blob is beating up on the much smaller black blob, and then assign all of the traits of each blob to their individual members respectively. So, according to their theory, poor whites possess power over powerful blacks such as Barack Obama, and that individual blacks can’t be racist, because the black blob has no power – isn’t this stupid. They in essence are saying that all whites are perps and all blacks are victims, but do you see what is actually going on here. They are trying to remove any and all responsibility in race relations from blacks so they can be assigned no blame for poor race relations. I have heard several black persons say that the most racist persons they know are other blacks, so it must be true. The racists of the Race Machinery are like the boy who cried wolf too many times. Their constant and never ending allegations of racism devalue the meaning of the word, and more importantly trivialize the experiences of those who were true victims of racism. For Pete’s sake, I heard Joy Behar suggest that it was racist to call Black Friday…Black Friday. Left wing loons like to consider themselves to be scientific, rational and fact based thinkers. They really are very simply butterballs of emotion incapable of anything like they consider themselves. Maybe this all could have been diffused by simply calling the killings at the Charleston church….Churchplace Violence.

The Charleston Church Shooting – What Next?

I woke up this morning and saw on the news about the Charleston Church Shooting, and nearly all of the internet searches I did had “hate crime” in the lead. I read on to learn that nobody knows anything about the suspect other than his name, the car he was driving and his personal appearance. They don’t know if it was a hate crime, if he just woke up with a bad case of heartburn, or was mentally ill. The mayor according to ABC news, said “The only reason someone would walk into church and shoot people is hate.” He doesn’t know that. Might he be laying the groundwork for the race machinery and racists of the highest order to step in do their thing, because this whole hate crime designation, which was pushed by the left is very simply a tool of the race machinery to assist in making whites, whether guilty or not of anything, to feel guilty about the so-called hate crime of the day. Has there ever been an instance when black on white crime was so quickly designated as a hate crime if at all. Murder is illegal regardless of the reason for it, but I think we can rest assured that the race machinery will be in high gear.

White Guilt – A Necessity for the Race Machine

Is it possible for anyone to miss how the race machine has been in high gear since Obama’s first election to President? This race machinery is driven and operated by those I characterized as “Racists of the Highest Order” in a previous post. It is not only designed to create an army of black racists, but is also designed to evoke guilt on the part of conservatives since liberals already wreak of this guilt and benefit politically from it.
There was a time, when the separate water fountains were still fresh on everyone’s mind that it wasn’t very difficult to make whites feel guilty about how blacks were treated. This is explained very nicely by Shelby Steele in a couple of his books, White Guilt and Shame, which I highly recommend. The problem that these racists have now though is that today’s America isn’t Jim Crow’s America. As much as they try to make everyone believe that things racial haven’t changed since that time, Americans today just aren’t feeling it. Older generations have been and are being replaced with younger generations who only know of separate water fountains because of history books. So, what next?
Well, Racists of the Highest Order must convince those who are not racist that they in fact are, and that those who possess no guilt for injustices they did not perpetrate in fact are guilty. There are many techniques and phrases they use to facilitate this conversion, but the important thing for those who are the target of this attack is to recognize what is occurring, and not let it have the desired effect. They bring up slavery all the time, and tell whites that “you enslaved us” or that “we were slaves” in order to send the message that you are a racist and should feel guilty, so just sit in the corner and shut up. When I hear these stupid rationalizations it makes me think that they must have some kind of a Green Mile thing going on. Maybe they have a very old mouse in their pocket, and they were slaves 150+ years ago, but I was nowhere around. Furthermore, I have never held slaves, and I can’t be made to feel guilty about something I had no part in.

Hillary Clinton…Racist of the Highest Order

What exactly is a racist of the highest order? Well simply put, it is a person who doesn’t actually have to be a racist as it is commonly understood, but is a person who benefits from racism, and knows no limits on what can be said or done in order to maximize such benefits. These benefits come in various forms. Some include financial gain, but all include political power. So this person does all possible to create hatred between the races to achieve such benefits. A perfect analogy would be a drug dealer who isn’t a user, but does all he can to promote usage of his product. Hillary Clinton is this drug dealer, but she isn’t the only one.
It used to be that these racists were mainly in the communist wing of the democrat party, but the democrat party has become so extreme, that the communist wing has become the whole bird nearly, and it is now mainstream democrat policy to stoke racial hatred for the gain of political power. They do all they can to generate seething racial hatred on the part of minorities, direct that hatred toward whites generally and republicans specifically, and then take delight in the rioting, looting, and killings with the full expectation that these minorities will head to the polls come election day and vote….democrat.
Hillary Clinton and others just like her claim to care about minorities and proclaim themselves to be their saviors, but very simply are patronizing minorities. Hillary Clinton and her ilk couldn’t care less about minorities, but she and they couldn’t care more about political power, and hence, the minority vote, and they will say absolutely anything to get that vote. They will continue to make promises to minorities that can’t be kept, or that will make no difference in their lives, and all will be said with a smile and a comforting hand on the shoulder with a knife at the ready for their backs. One day, maybe, minorities will figure that out.

Ferguson “Jumanji” Missouri

The response by blacks in Ferguson, Missouri is just another call by a bunch of racists who demand justice for Michael Brown by demanding a lynching for the white cop who killed him, even before the facts come out…he’s white, so he’s guilty is their belief. They are demanding this in typical black fashion by destroying the property of those who had nothing to do with the Brown killing, and they wonder why blacks are stereotyped by the other races, and why so many blacks are in prison.

Well not so fast you racists for do you remember the Duke lacrosse team? Whatever injustices some white persons committed against some black persons in the past has nothing to do with the officer involved in this shooting. There is no grandfather clause that makes all whites living today guilty for the actions of whites who came before. Everyone deserves justice in this whole sorry episode, and we have a race industry in high gear that isn’t interested in justice. If the Officer killed Brown unnecessarily, then he should go to jail, but destroying the personal property of those who had nothing to do with Brown’s death certainly is an injustice, and is a scene fit for the movie “Jumanji.”

They want all the facts to come out about the officer, but want to suppress the facts about Michael Brown. In particular the fact that he committed a strong armed robbery of a convenience store. They didn’t want this video shown because it shows that Brown was not a little saint. He in fact was a man, a man looking for trouble, and the release of the strong armed robbery video is extremely important in showing Brown’s state of mind and also that he in fact was not a saint.

Their Chickens Have Come Home To Roost

It is a sad thing that happened to Shirley Sherrod, the USDA employee who was fired after a snippet of a tape appeared on the web site of Andrew Breitbart where she spoke about not giving a white farmer the full benefit of her services, and that she directed this farmer to one of his own, meaning a white person, when she was serving in a previous job twenty years ago. It is too bad that she was treated in such a knee jerk fashion that resulted in her firing, it really is unfortunate. It however, is no more unfortunate than the Duke lacrosse players who were falsely accused of raping a black woman, or the made up quotes attributed to Rush Limbaugh when he was trying to become a partial owner of an NFL team, or the many other cases of conservative whites being falsely accused of being racists. The race baiting industry of the Left has left many victims in its wake, and Shirley Sherrod is its latest victim. Yes, the race baiting machine has snared one of its own—their chickens have come home to roost.

The response by the Obama administration and the NAACP are perfect examples of how the abuse of the race baiting machine has backfired. Both have spent so much time recently calling everybody on the Right racists, explicitly and implicitly, the thought that there could actually be racists on the Left, was more than they could bear so they both threw Madam Sherrod overboard. Now after having taken the time to review the entire speech given by Sherrod it is obvious she was treated grotesquely unfair. I know those on the left want so desperately to blame Fox News and Andrew Breitbart for her firing in order to put them and others on the Right on the defensive and to gin up voter intensity for the upcoming elections, but neither had the power to fire Sherrod. Blaming Breitbart is akin to blaming lobbyists for terrible legislation instead of blaming the politicians who actually enact it.

The Obama Administration didn’t take the time because they have been spending their time calling the good people of Arizona racists for merely trying to defend themselves from criminals from Mexico since Obama will not. In fact, Obama is saying with his lawsuit against the state of Arizona that he will not defend their borders, and he will be damned if the citizens of Arizona think they are going to. The NAACP says they were snookered by Fox News, but Sherrod’s speech was apparently filmed by DCTV, and the NAACP could have taken forty-three minutes to review it in order to treat her fairly, but they didn’t. They didn’t take the time because they have been spending all of their time attacking Tea Party activists with false accusations of racism. Their knee jerk reaction betrays their self-consciousness about the character assassination they are attempting to perpetrate on these activists.

Now we have to endure all of the news coverage on how this poor lady was so badly mistreated, and we will probably have to endure the multitudes of apologies, and the complementary march of the guilty before the purveyors of redemption known as the Congressional Black Caucus, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and the NAACP. I hesitate to include the NAACP as a purveyor of redemption, since they are in need of a little redemption themselves, but I think they can figure something out. Maybe they can kick their own ass the same way that Jim Carry did in the bathroom scene in Liar-Liar.

The race baiting machine isn’t the well oiled piece of equipment it once was. It worked very well starting in the 60’s when separate bathrooms were still fresh on everybody’s mind, and whites with their accompanying guilt could be played like a Stradivarius. Things have changed a great deal since then though. Most of the individuals who were responsible for the separate bathrooms have moved on, and have been replaced by individuals who only know of such things by watching the History Channel. Black race baiters can no longer just point and screech like body snatchers and then watch whites, consumed with guilt, cower in the corner. The conditions for the ideal white response to such charges no longer exist, so it is becoming more and more difficult for blacks to make the case that whites are holding them back.

It really has gotten to the point that they now have to make up stories of racism, or they say that the racism of today is subtle, under the radar, or delivered in code, and they hark back to Jim Crowe and slavery. They are stuck in the past, and long for the good ole days when whitey was much more cooperative. The only way the black race baiters, the only way, they can make this notion that blacks are being held back by whites is to lump all whites together in a group known as the “White Race” which inflicts institutional racism. As if, the “White Race” is an entity that has thoughts of its own, it is racist, and it goes around slapping the black man down. They wish to turn racism into an abstract entity that can’t be narrowed down to any specific individual, and the fact that they now have to go to these extremes shows the desperation of their agenda. To them, it is the “Black Blob” against the “White Blob” where the individual no longer exists.

The problems that currently affect blacks in general will never be solved by whites, never. The hand that currently holds the black man back isn’t a white hand, it is a black hand. The “Black Hand” that says getting an education is acting white, which must mean that remaining ignorant is acting black. The “Black Hand” that says the seventy percent out of wedlock childbirth rate is just fine. The “Black Hand” that says, you the black man can’t succeed until the “White Race” changes its behavior, which again is belied by the fact that about half of all blacks live middles class lifestyles and function just fine thank you, in all areas of society—how did they slip through the cracks. The race baiting machine still has some life left in it, but it is an obsolete machine that has become rusty and its cogs are slowly churning to a halt, and it will be a great, great day for the United States when that happens.

Eric holder said that when it comes to race that we are a nation of cowards, which I agree with. Representative Barbara Lee said in the wake of the Sherrod debacle that we need to have a discussion about race. She must not being paying attention, because that is all we talk about. What she really means is that whites need to stop resisting the need to be lectured to by blacks, just take it like a man. Blacks in general do have issues that must be dealt with, but these problems can’t be handled in an abstract manner. The problems that affect blacks, affect black individuals and can be solved only by those individuals. The days that blacks must stick together have long since passed for whatever happens to one black doesn’t happen to all blacks. Blacks must stop looking for the next government handout or shaking down financial or business institutions. There however is one institution blacks should shake-down for the wealth, prosperity and direction it can provide. This institution all by itself will solve almost all problems that afflict blacks today and it will truly set them free once and for all—drum roll please—this institution is the two parent household.

Racists Of The Highest Order

You are wondering what exactly is a racist of the highest order. Well, very simply they are guilty white and black Liberals who at every opportunity stir the race pot while adding the most rotten ingredients. They are the first to run to the microphone to cry racism at every opportunity when it is obvious none is present. Their sole purpose in life is to create an army of other racists who will then help them carry the mantle of blame Republican whitey for everything, which will hopefully then have the effect of putting Republican whitey on the defensive so that they can then run rough shod over him.

This worn out card however, doesn’t play like it once did. Those who make a living race baiting and those who keep their face in front of the cameras by making false claims of racism do two terrible things. They diminish the belief of the accusation in real cases of racism, and worse yet, they trivialize the experiences of those who were true victims of racism.

Can Blacks Be Racist?

With the nomination of Sonia Sotomayor to be the next Supreme Court justice the issue of race and racism has, as could be expected, has arisen again. Sotomayor isn’t black, but the specific issue I want to address is the silly theory that blacks can’t be racist as proposed by Jesse Jackson some years ago. This racism theory is backed by the notion that blacks can’t be racist because they don’t possess “power”, and by extension that whites are racist, because of the white power structure and the resulting white privilege. This means, that if you are black you can’t be a racist, and if you are white you have to be a racist. Isn’t it interesting how individuals who whine at every opportunity when they feel they are being stereotyped betray their own racist views by stereotyping others –  which, by the way is the only way this theory can work.

Those who subscribe to this theory are looking at the black and white races as huge blobs, each with a mind of its own acting as a monolith. Sort of like the blob in the movie of the same name starring Steve McQueen. They see a giant white blob and a much smaller black blob. The white blob goes around beating up the black blob, taking its toys, lunch money and cutting in line in front of it, and there is nothing the black blob can do, because it is just doesn’t have the “power”.  The problem with this theory is that the races aren’t monolithic blobs. The races are comprised of individuals with individual thoughts, beliefs, tastes, and circumstances, and the attempt to apply these individual traits to the entire group in general is at a minimum ignorant and at the worst – racist.

Since power is the mainstay of this theory it must be addressed – so what exactly is power? Well, it comes in different forms and can be wielded in different ways in different venues. Now, according to this theory, a black man who walks up to a white man while calling him racist names, and then blows his brains out, is not a racist even though he certainly possessed the power of life and death over the white man. Also according to this theory, all poor whites are racist, but you’ll have a difficult time convincing poor whites that they have any power and privilege, or any more than blacks in general, or even just poor blacks in particular. How is the power that the three men used who dragged James Byrd to his death any different than the power the black man used in my earlier example. If the black man in my example isn’t a racist, it could be argued that the James Byrd killers weren’t racist, because they had no power or privilege, since two received the death sentence and the third a life sentence. Finally, how does this theory apply to Barack Obama – a black man who possesses more power than any person on the face of the earth.

An interesting article by Jessica Peck Corry with the Independence Institute describes her experience at a forum at the University of Colorado at Boulder titled “Unveiling White Privilege”. This forum appears to have been like many other discussions covering this topic – blame whitey for everything. Current circumstances make it clear that blacks are operating competently and with the respect of others in all forms and levels of government, and in society in general. Lastly, this theory is actually a tactic, a tactic used to serve one purpose – to propagate white guilt in order to perpetrate the big shake-down.

GatesCrowleyObamagate—Who Did The Learnin’

If you were like me, you sat in wonderment as this soap opera played out. Barack Obama said that this could be a teachable moment, which means someone would have to learn, and so the question tossed about was who would do the learnin’. I think Obama learned that he has a mouth as big as his ears. He had absolutely no business commenting on this issue, especially when he had just stated that he didn’t have all of the facts, but in the end he just couldn’t control himself. This was so reckless and irresponsible on his part, and the thing he seems to be too dense understand, is that when he speaks, the entire world hears it. Let’s summarize his conduct: Obama, without knowing the facts, took the side of the black man over the white man—what does this tell you about Obama.

Henry ‘Yo Momma’ Gates learned, well he probably didn’t learn anything, but if he did, he learned that there are individuals in this country who will not cower to race-mongers. More importantly, what Gates didn’t learn, is that when race-mongers like him throw around the racism accusation willy nilly, that it desensitizes people to the charge, and it utterly trivializes the experiences of those who were true victims of racism. Let’s summarize his conduct: Gates instead of greeting Crowley with a smile and a thank you, went into a racist tirade in which he accused Crowley of being a racist—what does this tell you about Gates.

I doubt Crowley learned anything, because he knows he not only performs a dangerous job, but most definitely a thankless job as Gates most aptly showed. Crowley conducted himself professionally and as an adult, which was certainly lacking from the other two parties of this soap opera. One thing he probably did learn though, is to leave his radio microphone open if he gets another call to Gates’ home.