Will Obama Move To The Right?

The question of whether or not Obama will make a move to the right if republicans take one or both houses of congress I think has an obvious answer, and that would be an emphatic…..No! He has shown no propensity to compromise or any willingness to work with the opposition in any measure. He is an ideologue who sees his role as president to fundamentally change America. In other words, to change the basics of America.

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He will try to sound as though he is moving toward the center and is willing to be more cooperative with republicans, but this will only be for show. Sort of like when the stimulus bill was being debated and most everybody was up in arms, he would come out and talk about how we must cut spending. It’s as though he thinks we are still in the 19th century when a politician could go to one town and say one thing and then go to a town twenty miles away and say the polar opposite. Somebody should tell him that we are in the 21st century, and every word he says is broadcast around the United States as he speaks. He can’t say and act in one way in even a state and go to another state and present himself in the opposite without everyone in the country knowing about.

I get the sense that this being president stuff for Obama is getting old real fast. I really don’t think he is as concerned about being re-elected as he is about changing the country to his liking. He is a worshiper of big government, and he will do all he can to force his religion upon us. We have the First Amendment that prevents congress from forcing religious views upon us, but unfortunately we have no such protections from government worshipers…..wouldn’t it be nice if we did. Republicans should put their names on their office doors with velcro, because they won’t be there long if they forget why they were given back some power if they do in fact get back some power.

The Unconstitutional Supreme Court

We conservatives all the time are complaining about how Congress and the President couldn’t care less about the Constitution. We point out many of the unconstitutional programs such as Social Security, Medicare, AFDC, and ObamaCare, but seldom point out the unconstitutional activities of the courts and in particular the Supreme Court. We question the logic of many of their decisions, but never ask if they are adhering to the Constitution. The Westboro Church case before the Supreme Court is just another case that the court has no constitutional authority to hear. In order for a case to appear before the Supreme Court it must arise from some issue involving the United States Constitution. The protests that the Westboro crowd make at the funerals of fallen American soldiers violates no article of the United State Constitution. Further more, the United States Constitution does not protect individual citizens from invasions of privacy by other private citizens. It only protects the people from usurpations by the federal government.

What happens to the individuals who interrupt or are a nuisance at congressional hearings, court proceedings, basketball games, etc, etc?—they are removed, and by force if necessary. They have no right to disrupt these proceedings, nor do they have a right to be heard by the targets of their outrage. However, if they do wish to stand outside and protest without disrupting the proceedings they can do that all day long in accordance with the law. If a man is standing on his porch screaming at the top of his lungs all hours of the day, or even just during the daylight hours and is deemed to be disturbing the peace, he can be forced to quit. If he doesn’t, he can then be fined or arrested. Nobody has a right to protest anywhere they want at any time they want, there are restrictions, and furthermore nobody has the right to be heard by the target of their speech.

The authority to control the protests of the Westboro Church rests solely with the state or local governments. The legislative, judicial or executive branches of the federal government have absolutely no authority to control these activities. The Supreme Court just like congress has shown a blatant disregard for the Constitution and the willingness to conducts themselves as tyrannical as the president and congress have done. The human beings on the Supreme Court are no different than human beings anywhere else in position of power—they want as much as they can take for themselves

FDR Is The Worst President Of All Time

Who is the best president of all time? Most polls I have seen put FDR in the prestigious top spot, but does he really deserve such a distinction. It seems that merely being president during trying times regardless of how the president’s policies affect the country is what matters the most. The legend is that FDR came riding in on his white horse after Hoover ruined the economy, and FDR made the people feel safe and secure under wing. He cared, he felt their pain, and he did everything within his power to make their lives better—his intentions were noble and gracious. Well, let’s consider a few facts. Unemployment during his terms stayed between 15 and 20% except for a brief drop to around 14% in early1937 which was the result of massive government spending in order to buy the 1936 elections. The unemployment rate just before the war was around 18%. Does this sound like a successful presidency? Are intentions all that matter, or do results ever come into play? If you intend to give a man a free hair cut and end up cutting off his ear would the haircut be judged a success? The only way to judge the success of any policy or individual is by judging the overall results, and the overall results of the Roosevelt presidency were disastrous.

Hoover has received the blame for the Great Depression by most while FDR has skated. How is it that FDR could take Hoover’s policies, put them on steroids, and not receive any of the blame for the depression? I would say that Hoover created the depression, but that FDR created the Great Depression. FDR’s policy of attacking business, meddling in the private sector with his business cartels, his meddling in the agriculture sector via the AAA, and his tax raising propensities created an atmosphere of fear, distrust, and uncertainty. How can business operate in such an environment? Does any of this sound familiar? The simple answer is that it can’t. This is a lesson that President Obama will certainly learn, for he has fashioned his presidency after that of FDR, even lifting some of FDR’s phrases such as he did with Deval Patrick’s “just words” passage.

Hoover and FDR deserve equal credit for creating the Great Depression. They both meddled in the economy, by setting wage and price levels, production levels, spending oodles of money on public works programs, and involving the federal government in unconstitutional activities other than those previously mentioned—they both did it. If we were to make a movie about the presidencies of Hoover and Roosevelt it would be named “Dumb and Dumber”—Hoover being Dumb, and FDR being Dumber. Hoover did exercise a little restraint, but FDR was as free as a bird when it came to exercising power over the private sector. FDR was the closest this country has ever come to being a centrally planned economy, after all, that was the fad of the time with Mussolini and Stalin being admired adoringly by some in FDR’s administration and his brains trust.

It is said by many that the war ended the Great Depression because of massive government spending, and they will point out the low unemployment rates of the time. Removing many millions of men from the work force by conscripting them into military service will reduce the unemployment rate, but merely having a low unemployment rate is not necessarily a sign of prosperity. You will have a difficult time convincing a soldier who is standing in a fox hole reeking of urine and feces and with the body of his dead buddy lying next to him that he is somehow standing in prosperity. Building ships to be sank, planes to be blown out of the sky, and bombs to be blown into a million pieces is not a good use of resources, and does not create prosperity. FDR, I think put it perfectly when he said that Dr. New Deal was replaced with Dr. Win the War. Very simply, the war distracted him from his destructive domestic policies, and his timely death meant that the United States would no longer be victimized by him.

Americans Are Cry Babies

Sometimes I just have to puke when I hear individuals whine and moan about how the President doesn’t feel their pain. We hear this complaint about Obama all the time, and heard it about Bush when he flew over the ravages of Katrina and merely looked out the window of Air Force 1, how dare he. What exactly do these people want? Are these people so weak and pitiful that they must have the sympathies of the President of the United States in order to achieve some level of comfort in their apparently pathetic lives? What makes them think the President actually gives a fat rat’s behind about them? What makes them think that the president can implement policy that will target them directly, and shower them with prosperity. It is so pathetic that many of the people of the greatest nation on God’s green earth are so hopelessly weak and in need of attention—I think this pretty much says it all.

The people of today like to think of themselves as being so much more intellectually advanced than our ancestors. The terrible truth is that they are not. The people of today are not one iota more advanced than those who lived thousands of years ago. Case in point: What was the first thing that Americans nationwide went out and did immediately after the attacks on 9/11—bought gasoline? With a little bit of thought instead of a knee jerk Neanderthal reaction, those who rushed out to buy gas would have realized that two planes flying into buildings would have absolutely no effect on the amount of gasoline in the tanks at the local gas stations, and that it would have no effect on the production and refinement of petroleum products. But, oh no, there were no such thought processes, just plain ole panic. This goes hand in hand with the, “when will the government take care of me?” psychosis.

The last thing I want is a politician feeling my pain and worse yet trying to do anything about it. This is the problem with politics today and many Americans. These weak individuals want their pain felt and for politicians to do something about it, boo hoo cry me a river. Unfortunately those Americans waiting for the politicians to come riding in on a white horse will be sorely disappointed. Politicians, no matter how much they bellow, cannot fix what ails us individually, only the individual can do that. They will simply say they are helping a large group such as the middle class, after extending the middle class of course to include everybody except the top 2% of wage earners, and then sit back and wait for the votes to come pouring in at election time.

Americans must toughen up. All of this whining and bellyaching about oh poor pitiful me will not make anybody’s life better, and I guarantee you that the President of the United States can’t do anything about your personal circumstances. Individuals must take control of their lives and do the things that will benefit them. In the end, the person who cares about you the most is yourself. You wouldn’t leave your personal prosperity to the control of some unknown individual across town, so why would you leave it to someone in Washington D.C.

The Ground Zero Mosque Is Not A Constitutional Matter

I was listening to an interview on the O’Reilly Factor where the Muslim being interviewed kept repeating that the mosque was a constitutional issue. He is not the the first to make this claim which makes him not the first to be wrong. The owners of that property have no constitutional right to be protected from the anger of those who oppose the mosque. The owners have a constitutional right to not be interfered with by Congress per the U.S. Constitution, and most certainly from interference from the State government per the State Constitution. There are no such protections from their fellow citizens who oppose the mosque. Those who oppose have every right to oppose the mosque within the law. They can protest, they can picket, they can right letters, and they can appear on television.

It seems that those who want the mosque built have taken a page from the black race baiting industry. Just call those who oppose the mosque, bigots, racists, yadda, yadda, yadda. Those who support open borders have taken this same tact also. These race baiting tactics no longer work the way they once did, but that won’t keep them from trying. I think these tactics actually are on their last leg, because nobody seems to be cowering away when accused of such nonsense as they once did. Lastly, ignorance of the U.S. Constitution is rampant. Not only among the average citizen, but also among members of Congress such as California Representative Pete Stark who believes that the United States Government can do whatever it wants. I guess when members of Congress have no clue, we shouldn’t be too hard on the average citizen.

Obama Is Obtuse When It Comes To The Economy

Obama and those like him will never get it when it comes to the economy. They view the economy as something to be toyed with in order to engineer some kind of social order to their liking. I recall Obama in one of his numerous speeches where he said, “So we can manage the economy.” Here lies the problem. Obama in his delusion actually believes that the economy can be managed, and he just the guy to do it. He’s certainly not the first to live this delusion. Herbert Hoover in his delusion turned a recession into a depression with his desire to manage the economy, and then FDR in his delusion turned Hoover’s depression into the Great Depression with his attempt to manage the economy. This managing the economy delusion has been tried over and over the world over, and it never works, never. Think about this for a moment. The President, 535 members of Congress, and a hand full of bureaucrats actually believe they can manage the billions of economic decisions that 300 million Americans randomly make on a daily basis. Does that seem possible?

I know that many see the economy as something so complex that it can be understood only by those who have numerous letters after their names and years of education and training so that when they speak about economics it sounds like a recipe rolling off the lips of Julia Child or Emeril Lagasse. It really isn’t that difficult however, if you stick to the basics and keep in mind exactly what the economy is and why it exists. Let’s start with basic number one. It helpful to remember that economies have existed for thousands of years when life was much simpler so don’t get caught up in only thinking about it in today’s terms. The economy is very simply the result of each and every person existing, meaning being alive and kicking; and the resulting consumption that takes place in order to stay alive and kicking and enjoy some of the niceties of life. Basic number two: There is only so much stuff, meaning there will never be enough stuff to satisfy all of our wants, and so the market in which we must pay for the stuff we want is a rationing process that will insure our needs can be met. For instance, if a grocery store priced all of its products free, the shelves would always be bare and new stocks would disappear as soon as they were put on the shelf. This would create shortages, and many would have to go without, so price rationing insures that individuals get only what they need, which leaves some for others.

Much about economics is merely theory, such as the belief that government spending can stimulate the economy and that each dollar spent by the government has a multiplier effect on the economy. The multiplier theory posits the notion that for instance $1.00 of government spending creates say, $1.50 in economic growth, because that $1.00 is then spent by the person receiving it, and it is then spent by the next person in line, and so on. Sort of like the ripples created by throwing a rock in a pond. This really is just theory for there is no way in heaven or on earth to know if there really is a multiplier effect, because the multiplier is merely a contrivance and a self serving tool used by the big government types to justify their big spending desires.

Another silly notion by those who believe they can manage the economy is the pump priming theory. Just prime the pump with a few dollars, crank away on the handle, let the multiplier effect take hold, and voila! jobs galore. Those who support this silliness believe that flooding the economy with money stolen from the citizens and money plucked from the money tree will boost consumer spending which in turn will create jobs. This is where the “manage the economy” notion falls flat on its face. The human beings mentioned in paragraph one cannot make individual citizens want and need more than they want and need. This theory really has less to do with creating jobs than it does with making those who advocate for it, feel better about themselves; the pat me on the back syndrome.

Another thing that must be discussed is the GDP, and how it is manipulated. The GDP is calculated with the following formula: GDP = private consumption + gross investment + government spending + (exports – imports). Private consumption, gross investment and export/imports are all activities that are the result of Americans making spontaneous personal and business decisions independent of one another. The government spending input of the GDP makes the entire GDP figure bogus, because this input is easily manipulated by a hand-full of individuals in Washington D.C. by merely increasing government spending. If they don’t like the GDP, they only need to spend money like it grows on trees and then they can brag about how their economic policies have cause the economy to grow, when in fact it isn’t growing, because the economy will only grow as a result of consumers spending their money on things they want.

When politicians talk about the economy, all they talk about are jobs, jobs, jobs. The problem with this focus is that an economy can exist without jobs, because it has in the past. The economy is not the result of jobs, but jobs are the result of the economy, so if politicians want the economy to grow they must become consumer oriented, which means a free market, instead of employee oriented. It is said by the big government types that the recent economic meltdown was caused by the free market. Well, the market hasn’t been free since the Federal Reserve was put in place in 1914 and in particular the heavy handed intrusions by Herbert Hoover into the economy. A market completely free from eugenics is the only market that will reach its most efficient state, a market economy that is allowed to meet the needs of the consumer first and foremost.

The economy is too complex to be managed by a handful of human beings in Washington. These are individuals who are little different from you neighbor. So, would you trust you neighbor to manage the economy. All of the problems that exist in the economy today, such as high health care costs, the housing meltdown, the Great Depression, gasoline shortages, high education costs, and on and on and on, can be traced to federal government policies. As C.S. Lewis put it, “those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.” God help us!

Their Chickens Have Come Home To Roost

It is a sad thing that happened to Shirley Sherrod, the USDA employee who was fired after a snippet of a tape appeared on the web site of Andrew Breitbart where she spoke about not giving a white farmer the full benefit of her services, and that she directed this farmer to one of his own, meaning a white person, when she was serving in a previous job twenty years ago. It is too bad that she was treated in such a knee jerk fashion that resulted in her firing, it really is unfortunate. It however, is no more unfortunate than the Duke lacrosse players who were falsely accused of raping a black woman, or the made up quotes attributed to Rush Limbaugh when he was trying to become a partial owner of an NFL team, or the many other cases of conservative whites being falsely accused of being racists. The race baiting industry of the Left has left many victims in its wake, and Shirley Sherrod is its latest victim. Yes, the race baiting machine has snared one of its own—their chickens have come home to roost.

The response by the Obama administration and the NAACP are perfect examples of how the abuse of the race baiting machine has backfired. Both have spent so much time recently calling everybody on the Right racists, explicitly and implicitly, the thought that there could actually be racists on the Left, was more than they could bear so they both threw Madam Sherrod overboard. Now after having taken the time to review the entire speech given by Sherrod it is obvious she was treated grotesquely unfair. I know those on the left want so desperately to blame Fox News and Andrew Breitbart for her firing in order to put them and others on the Right on the defensive and to gin up voter intensity for the upcoming elections, but neither had the power to fire Sherrod. Blaming Breitbart is akin to blaming lobbyists for terrible legislation instead of blaming the politicians who actually enact it.

The Obama Administration didn’t take the time because they have been spending their time calling the good people of Arizona racists for merely trying to defend themselves from criminals from Mexico since Obama will not. In fact, Obama is saying with his lawsuit against the state of Arizona that he will not defend their borders, and he will be damned if the citizens of Arizona think they are going to. The NAACP says they were snookered by Fox News, but Sherrod’s speech was apparently filmed by DCTV, and the NAACP could have taken forty-three minutes to review it in order to treat her fairly, but they didn’t. They didn’t take the time because they have been spending all of their time attacking Tea Party activists with false accusations of racism. Their knee jerk reaction betrays their self-consciousness about the character assassination they are attempting to perpetrate on these activists.

Now we have to endure all of the news coverage on how this poor lady was so badly mistreated, and we will probably have to endure the multitudes of apologies, and the complementary march of the guilty before the purveyors of redemption known as the Congressional Black Caucus, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and the NAACP. I hesitate to include the NAACP as a purveyor of redemption, since they are in need of a little redemption themselves, but I think they can figure something out. Maybe they can kick their own ass the same way that Jim Carry did in the bathroom scene in Liar-Liar.

The race baiting machine isn’t the well oiled piece of equipment it once was. It worked very well starting in the 60’s when separate bathrooms were still fresh on everybody’s mind, and whites with their accompanying guilt could be played like a Stradivarius. Things have changed a great deal since then though. Most of the individuals who were responsible for the separate bathrooms have moved on, and have been replaced by individuals who only know of such things by watching the History Channel. Black race baiters can no longer just point and screech like body snatchers and then watch whites, consumed with guilt, cower in the corner. The conditions for the ideal white response to such charges no longer exist, so it is becoming more and more difficult for blacks to make the case that whites are holding them back.

It really has gotten to the point that they now have to make up stories of racism, or they say that the racism of today is subtle, under the radar, or delivered in code, and they hark back to Jim Crowe and slavery. They are stuck in the past, and long for the good ole days when whitey was much more cooperative. The only way the black race baiters, the only way, they can make this notion that blacks are being held back by whites is to lump all whites together in a group known as the “White Race” which inflicts institutional racism. As if, the “White Race” is an entity that has thoughts of its own, it is racist, and it goes around slapping the black man down. They wish to turn racism into an abstract entity that can’t be narrowed down to any specific individual, and the fact that they now have to go to these extremes shows the desperation of their agenda. To them, it is the “Black Blob” against the “White Blob” where the individual no longer exists.

The problems that currently affect blacks in general will never be solved by whites, never. The hand that currently holds the black man back isn’t a white hand, it is a black hand. The “Black Hand” that says getting an education is acting white, which must mean that remaining ignorant is acting black. The “Black Hand” that says the seventy percent out of wedlock childbirth rate is just fine. The “Black Hand” that says, you the black man can’t succeed until the “White Race” changes its behavior, which again is belied by the fact that about half of all blacks live middles class lifestyles and function just fine thank you, in all areas of society—how did they slip through the cracks. The race baiting machine still has some life left in it, but it is an obsolete machine that has become rusty and its cogs are slowly churning to a halt, and it will be a great, great day for the United States when that happens.

Eric holder said that when it comes to race that we are a nation of cowards, which I agree with. Representative Barbara Lee said in the wake of the Sherrod debacle that we need to have a discussion about race. She must not being paying attention, because that is all we talk about. What she really means is that whites need to stop resisting the need to be lectured to by blacks, just take it like a man. Blacks in general do have issues that must be dealt with, but these problems can’t be handled in an abstract manner. The problems that affect blacks, affect black individuals and can be solved only by those individuals. The days that blacks must stick together have long since passed for whatever happens to one black doesn’t happen to all blacks. Blacks must stop looking for the next government handout or shaking down financial or business institutions. There however is one institution blacks should shake-down for the wealth, prosperity and direction it can provide. This institution all by itself will solve almost all problems that afflict blacks today and it will truly set them free once and for all—drum roll please—this institution is the two parent household.

The Truth About The Establishment Clause

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof” To understand the First Amendment with an accurate reading of it is to understand the limits of its authority. The Constitution and the attached amendments are a contract that should be read like any other contract, by reading the actual words, and it is clear that the founders did not want the federal government to establish a religion or restrict freedom of religion, but, to say that the First Amendment says that church and state should be separate, that there should be a wall of separation is to say something the First Amendment just does not say.

There are many examples of how this incorrect interpretation has resulted in misguided restrictions and even used by those hostile to religion. One example is the cross that was erected in 1934 by VFW members on federal land in California honoring WWI veterans. This cross was ruled unconstitutional by a California district court on the grounds that it violated the First Amendment. In order for that to be true, the cross would have to have been placed there as a result of the federal government establishing a religion, which it was not, or it would have to somehow restricted freedom of religion, which it didn’t. It is clear that the amendment had not been violated, but the district court ruled otherwise—they just made it up.

Another good example is school vouchers. If a parent receives government money to send a child to a private school and then decides to send that child to a Catholic school, it is not a violation of the First Amendment. The parent was not forced to use the religious school by government decree, they chose to use it. Nor does it restrict their or anybody’s freedom of religion. The examples of how the First Amendment has been incorrectly invoked to restrict freedoms are too numerous to cover here, but we need to remember only one thing when evaluating whether or not this amendment has been violated. Is the activity in question the result of Congress passing a law establishing or restricting religion. One point I think should be made is that the First Amendment guarantees to all of us a secular government, not a secular nation. Some seem to think it guarantees us a secular nation.

The reason I am making such an issue about this is that this is not the only portion of the Constitution that is being warped into something never intended. For instance, the commerce clause which states Congress can regulate commerce among the states has been twisted into saying that congress can force us to participate in insurance programs, and that they can control other aspects of our lives. The Takings Clause which says private property can be stolen for public use such as schools, roads, public buildings and the like now means that private property can be stolen for public benefit such as increased tax revenues that can be reaped by transferring the property to another private entity to be used for private purposes not public use. Congress and the President believe there is no limit to their authorities, and the day will come when we ask, “Where have all of our rights gone?”

The Truth About The Second Amendment

A Well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed”

The construction of this sentence is so simple and straight forward that this will be a very short post.The part in bold was the founders rationale, it was not a requirement for the right to exist. If it were meant to be a requirement it would say something like, “As long as a well regulated militia is necessary.” Since it wasn’t written as a controlling statement it means the Second Amendment is an individual right. After all, the Bill of Rights was written to protect individual rights, and the authority to control the militia was written into the text of the Constitution.

Illegal Immigration Doesn’t Have To Be Difficult To Fix

Illegal immigration seems to be a problem that can’t be solved. The desires of those on both sides of this issue are so far apart, it may well be unsolvable. I do, however, think this problem has become a lot more complicated than it should be. We have two main issues before us. First: How to prevent illegal entry. Second: How to deal with those already here. The American people will not be inclined to deal with those already here if every effort is not taken to seal the border first. There are many problems that arise from illegal immigration, symptoms so to speak that must be dealt with, but the primary condition that is causing these symptoms is not being dealt with effectively. The act of entering or staying in the United States illegally is an illegal act with no punishment—we just send them home so they can try again later.

Notions have been posited that if employer sanctions were imposed, illegal immigration would stop. Employer sanctions will reduce the hiring of illegal immigrants, but it will not prevent them from entering illegally. If the assumption that punishing employers for hiring illegal immigrants will stop that hiring, then surely if punishments were imposed for entering and staying illegally the same results would occur. Therefore, entering and staying in the United States illegally should be treated as a felony, a felony with a graduated system of punishments that give those violators every opportunity to cease and desist. At first blush this may seem excessive, but this must be done in order to provide a serious disincentive to those who wish to enter and stay illegally. Those who wish to do so will then have to weigh the consequences of their actions. After all, it is the free-will decision that each individual makes that will result in criminal sanctions, so let’s hold off on the pity party.

In order to deal with those who are already here illegally. I think we have to acknowledge that we as American citizens bear some responsibility for this problem. We, the American citizens stood by and made no real efforts to resolve this issue previous to 9/11. Those who entered illegally did so with our implicit approval, and so those who have been in the United States for a long period of time or are in circumstances that set them head and shoulders above those who have been here for only a brief time should be treated more favorably. For instance, I see no justice in deporting a family who has been here for years with established lives and children in our schools for years, which brings up one point that must be addressed. According to the United States Constitution, the children of illegal immigrants who are born in the United States are in fact citizens of the United States. The illegal immigrant parents of children born in the United States can be deported, but the children cannot. If the parents are ordered deported, they have a choice to make. They can take their children back home with them or leave them in the United States with guardians of their choice after which the parents may legally apply for entry into the United States. These suggestions only address the immigration aspect of this issue. Any laws concerning issues other than the specific act of illegal immigration should be dealt with in separate legislation.


1. Create new federal law making entering or staying illegally in the United States a felony.
2. Create new federal law dictating that all who are currently in the United States illegally and feel their situation is unique enough to remain in the United States must register with a designated federal agency within 6 months of enactment of law, no exceptions. After registering, their situations will be reviewed to determine if they should be allowed to enter the naturalization process while remaining in the United States. The circumstances of the each illegal immigrant when the law becomes effective will be the determining factors, not their circumstances at the time of registration or later hearings. This will prevent illegal immigrants from padding their resume, so to speak. There will be no financial penalties for those who are allowed to enter the naturalization process, for such penalties will only serve to keep them underground. Those who have registered and are not allowed into the naturalization process will be deported and then be subject to the First Offense penalty below. Those here illegally may choose to self-deport and then immediately apply for re-entry. Those, no matter how exceptional their circumstances may be, who do not register during the six month period and stay in the United States illegally will be subject to the penalties in the penalties section starting with the second offense penalty.
3. Create photo social security card that must be updated with a new photo every five years. Since it would be silly to put the photo of an infant on a social security card, the photo will not be added until individual starts working. Employer will verify social security number with the Social Security Administration before employee can start work. Employers who hire illegal immigrants will face fines only, no jail time, for fines should be sufficient to dissuade the hiring of illegal immigrants.
4. Create a series of review panels to weed through the applications of those who are already here and are requesting to enter the naturalization process. Those who self-deport and then apply to enter will go through the normal process.


These penalties would be for entering and staying illegally, and any additional crimes would be punishable according to law and would be additional to punishment for entering and staying illegally. The punishment for entering of staying illegally would run consecutively with punishments for any other crimes that may be committed. Offenders must be subjected to penalties in order starting with the First Offense penalty.

1. First offense: Deportation and mandatory lifetime probation against further entering or staying illegally. Offender may start the application process no earlier than one year from deportation date to enter legally.
2. Second offense: A mandatory six month prison sentence with no parole and then deported. Offender may start the application process no earlier than two years from deportation date to enter legally.
3. Third offense: A mandatory two year prison sentence with no parole—must serve one full year then deported. Forever banned from entering United States.
4. Fourth and additional offenses: A mandatory five year prison sentence with no parole—must serve five full years then deported.


The problem with the way we are trying to handle illegal immigration currently is that there is no real disincentive for those wishing to enter and stay illegally. The current system provides a slap on the wrist, send them home, and then say we’ll see you later. The penalties proposed above will not only provide a serious disincentive, but will provide every opportunity to avoid serious punishment along with providing the continued opportunity to enter and stay legally. I think we Americans must acknowledge that we helped create this problem, and should be willing to cut those illegal immigrants in exceptional circumstances a little slack. The most important thing that must be done is the physical closing of the border doors, otherwise the American people will never support any immigration plan. I think the most difficult part of this process will be the review process, establishing standards and then enforcing them as fairly as possible. I don’t believe prison space will be as much of an issue as first blush may suggest, because I believe making entering and stay illegally a felony will drastically reduce illegal immigration, but we won’t really know until it is put into effect. Inexpensive, temporary and effective prison space can be built in the rural areas of the Border States. These prisons should only be for non-violent offenders.