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The FDA and Its Unconstitutional Act

The latest FDA food labeling decision regarding food labeling is unconstitutional. The federal government has no authority to force food retailers to include nutrition labeling on their products. This overreach by the federallies is another example of how this country is becoming a fascist tyranny, and indicative of how Obamacare will be a complete failure.

Is Obama A Fascist?

Nobody can know what is in Obama’s heart, but one element of fascism is the exaltation of nation in which the nation is to be placed ahead of your own self-interest in order to further the causes of leaders of the nation. Liberals, of which Obama is one, look at America in a collective sense. For instance when they talk about what we spend on health care, they mean what we spend as individuals plus what the different levels of government spend, and they use that conflation in order to stick their noses into our business.

Obama has repeated many times his desire for national service. He has said we need to spread the wealth, which is for the collective good. In his speech to America’s school children he said that if they didn’t do well in school that they would disappoint their country. The lesson plan that was originally disseminated for use after his speech to the children directed that they write letters to themselves describing how they could help Obama, and to note the three most important words Obama said. Instead of 9-11 being simply a day of remembrance for the terrible acts of that day, he has designated it a day of public service and remembrance.

One thing among many that Obama doesn’t understand is that individuals will act in their own self-interests first, and that is the way it should be. If each and every person in this country would think of themselves first and do what is necessary to keep from becoming a burden to others, this would be the ultimate service to country and the country would be much better off. Obama is very subtly exalting nation in order to push his leftist agenda. It has been said that you can say something racist and not be racist. In order to give Obama the benefit of the doubt, I would like to say that you can conduct yourself as a fascist and not be a fascist.